Learn how to Be a Wedding Photographer

wedding photographer

All photographers have different styles. Photos are snapped at different times, in different places and using different techniques to give different outcomes. Some photographers may not be so good at taking portraits whilst they are good at capturing landscapes. There are many techniques to take different types of photos.

Wedding photography is one distinct field within the art of taking photos. The main purpose of wedding photographers is to capture the bride and groom’s best moments. They have to communicate happiness, love and caring between the couple as well as including the environment of the wedding ceremony. The task is tough because the couple will hope to keep good memories from these photos.

Everything can be learned. If you would like to be a contributory factor to the happiness of newly-weds, you should learn these techniques to become a wedding photographer.


Before doing any work, remember that everything starts with you. You have to make sure that you truly want to learn and that you know as much as possible about wedding photography. But at least you are reading this article, so that is a good start!

A wedding photographer has to be able to combine different types of photography. You have to use a macro technique for wedding rings, take portraits of church architecture and couples may require different styles for their pre-wedding photos.

There are tons of talented photographers, so find a style that you like and let them inspire you. It is very important to know what you like and to start to practice it to be better. If you want to enter this field, you will have to start loving it.


Start networking yourself to wedding photographers nearby you and ask to join them on set. This way you can learn directly from professional photographers, what they do and what you should not do. Maybe they will even tell you some handy tips and tricks.

Try to imagine the angle or direction that you will use and ask the pros about them after setting up. You will definitely get a lot of experience from spending time with talented photographers.

As stated before different photographers have different styles and techniques so try to learn from many different photographers. Learning from experience is the best way as you can participate in the real world of shooting and you will know what wedding photographers usually do.

The most important thing to remember is to avoid accepting any work before you are professional. Brides and grooms have high expectations of wedding photographers and that they can produce the best moments in their photos. You cannot go back and do it again and you simply cannot disappoint them.


Gear is not everything but having the right equipment can create huge improvements to the quality of your work. Because taking wedding photos will occur in different venues, they may require different gear to match with the locations and to produce the best possible photos.


A Wedding day is very important to the bride and groom. Whatever you do, do not ruin their day! Before the wedding day itself make sure that you have had a brief consultation with the couple about what they want. Photographers should know the exact time schedule of the ceremony and also the location in order to plan angles and spots for taking the best photos beforehand.


The work of photographers is not finished on site and it requires a considerable amount of post-production. Photos, when developed, may be too dark or dull and they will need editing. Learn more about editing to make your photos perfect.