Learning To Dance

“I do not know how to dance” are the words that we usually hear when people want to avoid dancing. Sometimes they’re just too shy to move and groove and worry that their feet do not go in time with their hands.

Dancing benefits both physical and mental health. It improves the condition of your heart and lungs, increases muscular strength and improves fitness endurance.

It does not have to be complicated but even just a little bit moving along to the beat is also considered dancing. Everything starts with self-confidence. No matter whether you are a man or a woman or how old you are, you can learn to dance. If you like to dance, just build up a little bit of confidence and start to move!

Practice Is a Key

If you love dancing but do not know how to do it, practice is the answer. Every good dancer practices their moves every day. Only 5 minutes daily can improve your performance and health.

Practice makes your body go into auto pilot. Dancing will then become a routine and you will definitely dance better.

Do not give yourself exceptions! If you are not feeling well, you can rest but being lazy is unacceptable. At the very least practice some dance moves in the bathroom when you are getting ready.

Do not forget to watch yourself in the mirror while you practice to see what you are doing and help to improve your moves and style.

Set a Goal

Having a goal can lead you to your success whether you have a small goal like finishing 3 songs or a big goal like winning a dance competition.

This practical goal will motivate you to dance more. It will make you not feel like you are starting in the middle of nowhere. You will then know what you are doing and what you want to achieve.

Be a Coach

Record yourself while you’re dancing. It might seem awkward at first but it really works! Looking back at yourself on video can help you to detect a wrong dance pattern or if you are out of step. It will be so embarrassing to watch but in the end you will learn from it.

Make a practice schedule and jot down what you have done daily. You can then watch your performances weekly, monthly and yearly.

Join a Dance Class

Having friends is more fun! Go to a gym or dance school to explore new dance moves and meet people.

If you stay in Sydney. There are many dance classes to join. Join different dance class like Hip Hop Popping, Breaking, Street Jazz, K-Pop or Twerking to check out and discover what you like.

If you can spend more, ask for private classes. You will learn much faster with a professional dancing instructor. They will help by commenting on and tailoring your moves into your own style.