Opportunities For Art Education World Wide

Life is absolutely mad when you think about it, one minute you’re a child without a care in the world being forced through an education that you’re not particularly interested in; the next you are in your thirties wondering why on earth you hadn’t had this new found thirst for improvement in the beginning. And while I believe that we should most certainly not live in regret for not having tried harder in school, we should most certainly endeavour to carry on climbing the ladder of intellectual curiosity regardless.

For example I myself walked out of school with incredibly average grades and then decided that university would have been a waste of my time. (Given that I had no idea what I wanted to study!) In-spite of this, in recent years I have taken a keen interest in learning and trying to develop myself further. Perhaps I felt it was time to redeem myself for being such a lazy bugger in school and make up for lost time.

Learn something new and feed your intellectual curiosity with a world-wide education

Back when I were in school art supplies were forever in abundance and my creative juices would flow eagerly, though it was very much treated as a bit of fun as opposed to a realistic means of making a living the future. There was too much focus on memorising information from a text book as opposed to creating something unique with my own two hands.

The problem for me was that during my career in compulsory education I was told that if I could not succeed within the boundaries laid out before me then I would never amount to anything of worth. I was taught that a career in the arts is unlikely and that I should be more realistic and pursue something a little less creative. In a nutshell, I was taught to ignore my dreams and follow the yellow brick road.

Fortunately for people like myself and the many others who refuse to give up on their dreams; there are a number of ways to help us work toward making them a reality. In this internet age there is a wealth of knowledge at our very fingertips; oceans of academic curiosity lying in wait for the hungry minds of those who are ready to tutor themselves.

We do live in an information-overloaded world and it can be overwhelming when trying to sift through the mountain of irrelevant and potentially incorrect information. There are however, tons of resources and websites that are dedicated to creating clarity and transparency in a cluttered system – weeding out the nonsense and compiling quality training courses and factual info.

The trick is to just get out there and get stuck in because it is never too late to work toward change. If you are looking to develop yourself and learn new things or perhaps simply pick up a new and creative hobby then you should start today. Don’t waste your time in a job that makes you unhappy. If money were no object what would you do? There are tonnes of opportunities out there, but first you must learn how to learn.