Product Sampling 101 

You have spent months perfecting your new product, and now it is time to let everyone know how awesome it is. There are a few different ways in getting a new product out there, and one of them is sampling. Sampling is one of the best way to get your target market to try a new product because they will get the actual product in their hands and most people would try anything that is given for free.  

There are different methods in distributing product samples. First of all, to use this method you have to determine who your target market is and their behavior in order to decide which method of product sampling is the best. Here are the 3 most commonly used methods: 


Free sample with a purchase 

An example for this method is let’s say your product is a high priced baby powder, you would like to target mothers who perhaps go shopping in more affluent baby boutiques rather than the usual supermarket. Then giving out samples of the baby powder in such boutiques when they make a purchase of a product of your brand in the store will be a good idea.  


This method works best when there is already an existing product of the same brand that can be purchased with the free sample. This type of sampling can build a stronger brand loyalty as current users will most likely buy another product of the same brand that they are already using. 


Promo Girls 

If you do not have an existing product to attach a free sample to, promo girls giving out your samples near other brands selling a similar product will be best. Your target market will already be looking to buy a similar product and it is a good opportunity for you to give them an alternative choice.   

Promo girls should be well trained and know the product information thoroughly, so they will be able to give useful information to possible buyers and answer any questions they might have. Promo girls are good POP (point of purchase) influencers and passersby will most likely try the product on the spot, and might lead to an immediate purchase. 


Sample boxes 

This sampling method is highly targeted because only those who are really interested in certain type of items will subscribe to certain sample boxes. Beauty addicts will subscribe to beauty boxes pet owner to bark boxes and new moms will subscribe to mom and baby subscription boxes. Brand owners will know exactly which type of subscription boxes they should use that will most likely generate future buyers for them.

Sample box

Subscriptions are not free. Subscribers pay a monthly or yearly subscription to get samples of products they are interested in to be delivered to their doorstep. Brand owners usually do not pay a fee in order to have their free samples distributed by the subscription boxes. A minimum of 500-1,000 pieces of free samples is usually required, but it all depends on how many subscribers they have.