Training To Be A Tree Surgeon

There are many people who have a deep love for nature, trees and other types of plant and animal life. Instead of letting this deep love for Mother Nature go to waste, you could venture into becoming a tree surgeon as a career, thus making sure that you can protect and care for the trees and nature that you love so much.

Being a tree surgeon is more than simply learning simple tasks like tree removal, stump grinding and tree lopping. You will be involved in all aspects dealing with the care and protection of trees at whatever age. The following are the steps that you should make if you want to train as a tree surgeon:

1) Make sure that you enjoy working outdoors and have a deep love for nature

It is very important to establish that you indeed love working outdoors, and that you have the capabilities that will allow you to do so. This simply means that you have the physical traits required. If you are not physically fit, you will soon find yourself in trouble after the first week on the job. If you do not love working outdoors, then you will have a problem as time goes on, and you will not be as effective as someone who does.

2) Some type of formal training is encouraged

While you do not need to have gone through a formal educational course so as to be competent enough to know everything there is to know about tree removal and stump grinding, it will still be a feather in your cap to be formally trained to deal with trees. As such, courses in forestry and agriculture could very well put you at the top of your field. These courses would also enable you to see the big picture that you are required to have if you want to become a tree surgeon.

3) Get some experience working outside

While knowing that you have the right qualities and qualifications is important, it is not enough. You will need to get your hands dirty working outdoors for you to appreciate whether you like the career you are about to enter or if you do not. Getting this experience is easy, as all you have to do is to volunteer at your church or any other community organization or company that is need of landscaping. You could also approach The Tree Firm and ask them for a spot on their teams as a volunteer. The experience that you would get would be invaluable.

4) Become an apprentice

You will also benefit immensely from apprenticing with someone who is already a tree surgeon. This will give you the real life, practical aspect of the job, and it will supplement all the courses you have ever taken relating to trees and agriculture. This kind of training is necessary for everyone who wants to be a tree surgeon, whether they have gone through formal educational courses or not. It is what will set the tone for the rest of your career.