What You Should Learn Before Your Wedding Day

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So, you are preparing for your wedding. You might have read tons of articles about weddings but here is a brief but important check list to confirm what you need to know before your big day.

Outfit Run-Through

Well before your wedding day comes, schedule your gown fitting and bring all the accessories that you plan to wear on that day too. Do NOT forget your shoes! This will allow you to have an idea of what you will look like on your wedding day and also you will be able to know which things will need to be adjusted. Try to wear everything for at least 1-2 hours when you trying it all on to ensure that you will feel comfortable instead of being in torture all day long.

Also, appoint a separate fitting day for your bridesmaids to sort out their overall look. Make sure that your best of best friends look good when standing they are all together.

Take your wedding dress out a few days before your D-day to let it settle. Avoid cooking and smoking in your home as the dress will end up smelling like food or cigarettes.

It’s a Surprise

Keep your overall look a secret. Resist the temptation to show everyone what you will wear on the day, even your partner. One of the most precious moments is when everyone is surprised by your stunning wedding dress. So plan to do your first fitting with your dad or your brother to keep your dress a secret.

Schedule Hair/Makeup Artists and Treatment Course

Everyone wants to look the best on their wedding day. Many people book skin and facial treatment to make them look flawless. Go ahead, you can do anything you want. But remember that trying new products is not a good idea. And avoid having treatment only a few days before the wedding. Safety first!

Make sure you appoint professional hair and makeup artists for a precise date and time. Make sure they are with you to help you all day long. Plan the look with them and if you can do pre-makeup, do it. This way you can get a picture of how you will look and can ensure that you will love your hair and makeup look.

Choose A Professional Wedding Photographer

Before choosing any wedding photographer in Newcastle for your wedding, do a bit of research. Every photographer is unique. They have different styles for taking shots and different post-production techniques. Do not just go with the ones with a good camera but choose the ones that produce quality work.
Do not let your friends or guests do some of the photographer’s job. They will just get in the way of your professional wedding photographer in Newcastle and you will end up with just pictures of the back of their heads instead of your face.

Set the Location

Having already decided on a place for your wedding, imagine what you want it to be like. Do some research to create your theme and let the professional wedding event company do it for you. You can do it yourself but it is going to be tough work.

Arrange the seats for your guests, so they do not end up having nowhere to sit. There are websites that you can use to arrange the seating and electronically name tag them. Try it!

Spending Time Together

When your day finally comes, you will find that your relatives and friends will want to take pictures of you and talk with you as move from table to table. You will end up finding that you spend less time enjoying being with your partner on your wedding day. Instead of walking around to meet your guests, set time schedules for taking photos and spend most of the time with your new spouse.

Do Not Expect Too Much

Expectation will only make you disappointed. Yes, you have been planning your wedding for a year and so you want it to be exactly like you want it so inevitably you end up worry about everything.

But you need to remember that not everything can be perfect. Unexpected things will definitely happen on your wedding day but be cool with it. Enjoy the moment with your partner, family and guests. It is the most precious moment that will happen in your lifetime.

Watch your long lost friends talking with each other, your guests starting to have a conversation with strangers and everyone getting to know each other. Where else you can find this moment?